What is the brand of government?


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Whenever we refer to a brand, common people usually associate the concept with a visual image, a sentence or iconography that is linked to the consumption of a product or service; however from our experience with Latin American governments we work the brand concept, more from an approach with the emotional experience of the different audiences that have contact with the institution or humans who represent it.

Government brand is the emotional experience of citizens with the institution and its representatives

Brand of government is the experience of citizens and the service received by the institution or its representatives and it is a development process that is strongly linked with the style of leadership who heads the government, which even mark the future of his political project and it also generates a strong impact on aspects such as image or reputation of the city brand, the dirigencial class brand and even political power brand in the same territory. A ruler or political leader should focus on brand building process that takes into account the following steps:

  1. It is not the same to create diaper’s brand or ketchup’s brand than a government brand. Hire professionals with training and expertise in real-branding of government and political leader brand.
  2. Build from ordinary lifestyles and not so much from the stubbornness. Accompany a process of serious research to capitalize on a cumulative, contact potential users experience.
  3. Accompany the lifting of a brand designed brief from the government leader with their advisers, but creating one filter that values ​​the process and make decisions .
  4. Check step by step construction of the battery brand: Logo symbol, logo, colors, sound, graphics, smells, tastes and other master manifestations of experience.
  5. Test battery cells with advertising pieces of real environment, in segmented focus groups and as far away as possible from the decider leader, so that opinions do not give affection or to look good with the leader.
  6. Try to build protocols through Brand, Image and Style manuals, three very different concepts and also allow tests about applications, sizes, pieces, objects and other places of brand experience.
  7. Brand government should relate to the mark of the ruler, but both require separate processes as projects of a leader are permanent but a government are temporary.
  8. Respect territory heraldry footprint that you rule and not try to replace it , because the government institution is not your government and the experiences are different.
  9. Ensure that this mark is the central axis of communication style in areas such as: Management Press, own means of government, Events, protocol, public relations, advertising and even monitor the presence of the brand in shared actions with other governments and institutions to generate presence.
  10. A brand of government must have a minimum period of 2 years with an impact assessment from the variables of emotional and rational experience, Impact on favorable image and impact on the reputation of the government and ruling ruled.

Everything you do for your brand of government and as leader affects on important topics as their GOBERNABILITY, generated CONFIDENCE and POLITICAL CAPITAL GENERATED FOR DECISION MAKING. Do not improvise the gestation of their brand, put it in hands of experts.


Miguel Jaramillo Luján, Communication and Government Marketing Consultant

Twitter: @mjaramillolujan @marketingpyg

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