Who is the happiest customer?

During the 4YFN event that was held in Barcelona between 22 and 25 February, we decided to approach people and try to make them smile and to know who is the happiest customer. In collaboration with Areas Smart Travelers, we launched the “Happiest customer” or “who is the happiest consumer” contest, which was performed at the Sants Station ARS restaurant from 22 to 24 February and at El Prat Airport DELI&CIA from 23th. to 25th.

Our goal was to find out who of the customers that passed through the establishments was the happiest of all them. We used our facial recognition software, which allows us to determine the real emotions felt by the person when exposed to a camera.

Consumers could go to the stands in the respective restaurants and show us their best smile, to measure their percentage of happiness through our Emotion Research LAB technology.

Of course, they had reasons to be “The Happiest Customer”. The winner would win a 10€ gift voucher for Amazon. The rest of the costumers also had enough reasons to smile.