Why unemotional teaching fails in ten phrases

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Why unemotional teaching fails? He has not a single intelligence, we are not eminently rational and our memory is neither a trunk filled with photos. Memory, an essential part of our learning, is an emotional, selective and creative animal. The role of emotions in human development has entered the educational debate. Here are some phrases that shed light on the subject.

  • “Teachers should understand that anything that does not pass by emotion helps us in our learning. You can only learn what you love”, Francisco Mora, professor of Human Physiology and Neurosciences.
  • “The mood determines our memory. Being cheerful pay attention to what we value as positive and vice-versa”, Gordon Bower, cognitive psychologist.
  • “The destiny of man is in the brain. The goal of a good education is to organize our emotions so we can grow the best and eliminate the worst”, Antonio Damasio, neuroscientist.
  • “We remember only what excites us. The most fascinating of the brain is its capacity for empathy, cooperation, and adaptation to the context”, Facundo Manes, neuroscientist and writer.
  • “We are dominated by the emotional component”, Rita Levi-Montalcini, Nobel Prize for Physiology.
  • “Emotions are more powerful than reason. Allow the body to learn to survive in hostile environments”, Joseph LeDoux, neuroscientist.
  • “We have been working with teenage life, but certain values such as self-esteem, acquired earlier. A teenager is more difficult to change”, Lorena Crusellas, educator and founder of Prevention.
  • “We know that emotional intelligence exists, we know that we need it more than ever and we know how to develop it, we have the opportunity to address all training and educational challenges in a new, smarter, way”, Pablo Fernández-Berrocal, professor of Psychology.
  • “Intelligence tests do not really measure our capabilities, but only the ability to solve them”, Howard Gardner, neuroscientist.
  • “Sleep is distracted the world”, Jorge Luis Borges, writer. Forgetting is also important.