Oxford Dictionary’s word of the year’ appeals to emotions

Oxford Dictionary has already decided ‘Word of the year’ 2016. And again we see emotions are in fashion.

‘Post -truth’ is the chosen word. And what is its meaning? According to the Oxford Dictionary, “situations in which objective facts are less influential in the formation of public opinion than appeals to emotion”.

This appeal to emotion is the most relevant part of the concept. In the last year, we have happened at times that have gone beyond what can be reasonably or logically understood. Especially in politics. Emotions are the ones that are responding to the most relevant issues of our life.

Shock that Brexit or Donald Trump’s victory in the US has caused is unprecedented. Polls’ logic has failed. Emotions are the ones that vote for us.


Emotions are behind ‘Word of the year’


These last political events that have astonished all try to be explained with this neologism. This ‘post-truth’ could refer to the violation of common sense. Citizens are making unexpectedly decisions and against what would be expected of them. And they are leaving aside reason and logic to act in favor of their subconscious. Of their emotions.

Emotions play a key role in human behavior, leaving aside rational processes and trigger stimuli such as sympathy, empathy or closeness that will ultimately decide the vote.

Basis of our decisions is emotional and everything seems to indicate that, before the polls, citizens are beginning to get carried away by what they feel more than by what their common sense tells them to vote.